Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Day: Setting up the Sewing Studio & Gathering Projects

It is Wednesday, wow the weeks just fly by. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I found the fabrics for the window treatments. Living Room and Front Bedroom respectively, more on that later in the post.

There has also been some activity downstairs. Two heavy duty shelving units were purchased to hold bins. I have been putting my fabric in clear totes with clip on lids. I found some clearance ones at Target. I still have to sort through what is in each of the bins and consolidate. Some are very organized... some are NOT! OOOOWWWHHH.... WHHHAT A MESSSSS! Chaos to be more precise, as if chaos had any precision at all!

The new shelving area. No more stacking totes and having to move the entire pile to get to one at the bottom!
There was also a large spider casualty downstairs. As I was moving things to make room for the new shelves, a very, VERY LARGE spider down there. Clearly, there was NOT going to be enough room for me, my creative wares, my activity and THAT LARGE SPIDER! So, I had to dispose of it. It was quick.. and I thank him for his message... large amounts of creativity to be experienced in this space! 

On sunday, as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, undermotivated and downright.. CRABBY, my housemate shared with me that he has noticed how I light up when I create! I haven't been doing any creating all summer, except he said, with the blog! The blog keeps me accountable, it keeps me thinking ahead and I get excited about it. So, thank you readers for sharing in my transitioning from collecting cool stuff to make something with SOMEDAY to actually getting SOMEDAYon the calendar! TODAY is SOMEDAY! and so is TOMORROW...  

But, that is a bit of a tangent. So this morning I spent some time, reorganizing bins, taking my bolts of fabric out of the plastic and putting that on a shelf out of the way, and just moving things around to create a work space. 

In the process of this bin and box opening, I have gathered the fabrics for the draperies. 

The first bit of fabric I found is some scrap of lining with a printed design. I think this will be the hem extension for the Living room drapery. There is also a piece of velvet. The colors are perfect with the vintage fabric and I will use the velvet as some sort of trim. I need to clear an ironing surface to measure what I have and figure out what I can do with it. I also need to figure out what I want to do and determine how much fabric I need. I may need to go back in and find one more.. oh, darn.. It will be good.. 

Hem extension for LR drapery

The velvet for trim, the hem extension 
Then I found the following fabrics for the front bedroom window. The color is great with the wall color and they have a more contemporary feel to them. It also goes with the bedding that my Housemate has in there. 

Fabric combination for front bedroom.

detail of the gingham

detail of  the solid for front bedroom

I think I may find an alternative to the leather shoe lace idea, the color of them may be wrong. I will have to further investigate. Happy creating!

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