Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Journey in the Wilderness Continues

Just a quick afternoon post. It is funny how this 40 days keeps showing up in odd places. I definitely am on my journey in the wilderness. Yes, I have shelter and places to stay, but my personal belongings have been stripped from me, well, at least inaccessible to me for the next 38 days ( I am counting them down)

Even though I am most likely moving into the new place mid August, it will take me until September 1 to be at full momentum again.

I write this in gratitude to the universe for not literally sending me out into the wilderness (as in some really long camping trip) and that my material belongings that I am apparently learning my attachment to have been rendered inaccessible. Does that mean that my creativity has simply been a distraction from my Self? No, is the response from inside. It is removed from my current reality to remove anything that is in my way of fully accessing my creative expression. The tools and supplies that I have collected will sort themselves out.

As the next 38 days unfold, I will become more clear about what I want to spend my time creating. There may be the emergence of an Etsy shop as I relinquish some of my stash (ooh, that is hard to believe I am even open to that!) There are other creative tools and materials that I may part with. I want to be sure they go to a good home. I have loved them, protected them and possessed them for many years, so it is difficult to just send them out to the curb. (I did send some things out to the curb when I moved out of the other place) That was difficult, however, seeing the joy in the faces of others as they picked through and figured out how to transport their new found treasures made it much easier.
This may not actually be the stuff on Etsy, but it is a sampling of what I have to go through.  There are three  containers of trims alone... 

I may be posting again and again and again... this writing is cathartic and my voice is screaming declarations out into the world.. Thank you for listening world...

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