Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slow Forward Movement

It is tuesday evening and I am back in St Cloud. Last evening I stayed with my parents. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the most beautiful white lilies in the garden behind the 'little cabin'. I remember leaving late on Sunday evening and thinking they were so pretty and I wanted to get a photo of them. So, the first thing I did when I got out of the car was take some photos with my trusty iPhone and snap away. Someday a nice digital camera, but for now.. this will do, it captures a moment and I can play with so many wonderful apps. My favorite is vintage scene. Although I haven't done anything with the lily photos yet.

The most fragrant and large white lilies I have ever seen. 

This morning was the most fabulous light and sound show outside as well. The thunder exploded with such force and cracking and the sky lit up like it was the last day on earth. It seemed that lightening bolts were being dashed to the ground all around me. The woods behind the cabin showed black against a white WHITE sky. It was fabulous. The energy and force of the electricity definitely cleaned the air.

I am thinking it cleansed my own energy field as well, which has been a bit creepy these last days.. and things have shifted... signed a lease today and move in may be as EARLY is mid August!

What a huge relief. Oooh, and the paint palette, lovely, and I believe the property owner liked it as well.     It will be a very sophisticated and relaxing palette with a lot of energy in the kitchen and the back hall. I am so excited. It is close to the river...... and the refrigerator.. oooh, so nice! And, filtered water right out of the tap! Yay! No more trips to the co ops JUST for water! If you could see me, I would be skipping.. hence the skippy topics! La-La-Lal-La-Lah!

Maybe later this week the pistachio dessert... might experiment on Thursday to post on Friday... Thanks for reading.....

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