Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I love saying, I have been saying it all day! Ric-Rac-Ric-Rac-Ric-Rac-Ric-Rac! only I have been whispering it to myself. Today was a trip to Glad Creations to retrieve the perfect Ric-Rac. I was originally thinking a pink.. how I feel about pink, I LOVE PINK. Only the pink that was there was not blue enough. It had a great deal of orange in it, and it wasn't the effect I was looking for. I wanted something more the color of the cherries, a deep fuchsia, magenta color. 

I was then thinking the stem green as a back up plan, then I spotted the yellow. It was a brilliant surprise. If I were to surface apply the ric-rac, the yellow would definitely be too strong, however, as the ric-rac is applied under the edge, only the tips peak out.. as in picot edge- Yes, that is what I like about ric-rac, the picot edge that is created. Oh, yes, back to the colors, as I was already settling for a back up plan and the surprise of the yellow is intriguing me, my dilemma is now- I have no preference!

So I have a request for everyone out there. Please... will some of you send me a comment as to which ric-rac color you prefer? It would be a great help... I know someone is reading this.. I don't know if you are the same people or if you happen upon it once and never come back (eek! I hope that is not the case!) However, whoever you are, I can not express how grateful I am for the time that each of you take to read what I write. It is my hope that you find this journey I am on interesting, intriguing, but mostly.. I want to inspire and empower you all to try something new, get outside of your comfort zone and have fun!!!! It is greatly inspiring and empowering for me to share what I am up to, with the world. At least the world that has found my blog. I am dedicated to continue to make this an interesting an unpredictable venue to share my creative expansion. 

Please send me a response!  I would like to choose by the end of the evening tomorrow night and sew it up Thursday.. although knowing what else I have to get done.. that is a bit ambitious for me... So, lets say by friday night at 10:00 pm I will see which option wins and proceed to complete the apron over the weekend, posting on Monday or Tuesday.. tadaaaa- the finished apron! Most likely there will be a post before friday night, as I have another project developing that I am VERY excited about... a new technique and 'brushing' up on an old talent/skill. So tune in again to see what I have planned for a late June project. Structure, that is the gift I am getting back.. order from chaos.. creative chaos. THANK YOU for reading and THANK YOU for sharing your preferences and/or an inspiration.

-the cut out pieces.....

And the pattern envelope... "A" The full apron is the goal..WITHOUT the embroidered roses.. I will do the bows, which ever Ric-rac is chosen AND I may match a Kona cotton to line the bows.. just so the tails show something other than white and they finish nicely, they are an embellishment after all... check back in before friday to see what else is conjuring...


  1. I'm choosing the green. Now I see why you needed 5 yards of ric rac.

  2. I will choose yellow. Why not make one of each?

  3. Anyone interested in being the tiebreaker?


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