Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspired, Motivated and Overwhelmed....not necessarily in that order!

It has been a while since my last post. A lot of exciting things have happened in the past week and it has been busy, non stop.. I was able to post a photo..I knew it would be easy... just discovering the 'how to' was time consuming.

One of the new additions to my creative arsenal is my new iphone. I have finally taken the plunge and did it. It too is SUPER EASY to navigate and does soooooo much! I am looking forward to having her as a new assistant! She is my MM phone. My source of magic and my muse.... one of them anyway...

My next order of learning is to maximize the camera feature and create fabulous digital art; just for fun and to post my creative expression here on this blog and any others that I am inspired to create later on.

I have taken over 200 photos in the first days alone...Minnehaha Falls, Como Park Conservatory and the Mississippi River. Now to learn to create some very cool images with them.

I am inspired by the potential of future creating and how it will impact my understanding of creativity, of myself and my professional expression. Eagerly, I have been awaiting a clearing in my schedule to take action on the inspiration, however, I find myself in a state of overwhelm and have no idea where to begin. So first, I chose to just journal this morning and get my bearings, recapping the past few days and then start making my lists. What I have, what I know, what I don't know, what I want to accomplish and then start putting plans into my calendar of what to do next. Although, too much planning and no action... that doesn't work either. I am learning the balance, when I get overwhelmed and lose focus on what I am doing, I know it is time to work on the next thing that comes to mind. I am trusting my intuition to guide me on the best path of learning, discovery and creation. The challenges of a creative being.......

It seems my mind is wandering again.. time to go on to the next thing.. I will post again... soon... perhaps my mind will wander back here before the day is over?

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