Monday, June 27, 2011

Anticipating the pictures

The new iphone has been great fun. In under two weeks I have managed to take over 700 photos and research a good 10K apps. I have it narrowed down to a few... under 20....

The more I see that can be creatively expressed through technology, the more inspired I become. I haven't any really great edited photos to share yet.. I have to figure out where to store all of this stuff, electronically and how to access it quickly. Be assured once I do, every post will have a photo............. (or three!)

Right now, I am feeling like I am losing ground on some of my personal projects currently in process. I have some exciting new design projects coming up, a kitchen and a commercial project, as well as the area of access to clientele. All are in the beginning stages. It is very exciting. I just need to create a good structure to maintain balance and keep it all running smoothly.

Expand my creativity on my own projects, be in the practice of what I have learned and developed on projects for others and share the inspiration and excitement along the way; that is my focus today.

Some projects I want to desperately get finished for myself are, the cherry dress. A lovely rayon of black navy, with deep red cherries scattered about. The neckline is a v- with flounced ruffles, the top being the black navy and the under flounce is a deep red, just peeking through. The sleeves are a small, flounced cap that slips out just beneath the red of the underflounce. All that is left is the zipper (an invisible one of course) and stitch up the side seams and finish the bottom dress and lining hem. All in all about an hour and a half of work left on it.. should be easy yes?  not so far.... keep getting distracted!

There is another mixed media project to get started. I have scheduled time with a freind.. when I do this, I have more likelihood of staying on top of a project. I am much more accountable to others lately than I have been to myself. Something I will consciously have to work on. (not at the expense of others, but to honor myself) My life works very well when I honor myself and am accountable to me.. and life is pretty good right now.. ooh, the excitement of what lies ahead! Some SURPRISES I am sure! There is a new book at Glad's that I am drooling over. The author is Leslie Riley and the book is Create with Transfer Artist Paper: Use TAP to Transfer Any Image onto Fabric, Paper, Wood, Glass, Metal, Clay & More! of course there is most likely a link to it, too techie for me right now. Anyway, this is what the book I am working on with a friend is going to use. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am creating an art book for a story I wrote back in March. It is inspired by a dear friend of mine. I will document the process of its creation. By the 5th of July, I am to have the story boards done and the main construction materials gathered for a 4 hour workshop with another creative friend of mine.

Then, I must continue working on my textile designs. I have a collection of cupcake fabric started on (need to figure out this linking make it easy for you all to find see what I am talking about. I can be descriptive, however, there is something to being able to see for yourself. Then get together with another creative freind (really, all of my friends are, they are a great network of support and reflection of the fun I have in my life) to sew the entry way cushion with fabric she designed herself. We tweaked the pattern layout and colors.. I am excited to see the actual textile!

Ooh, this post may be getting too long, especially with no pretty pictures to break it up yet, so I will save the cupcake quilt description for another post... where are my glass beads, I wonder... that is what has stopped me on that one.. I kept opening that darn box EVERY time I was looking for something else.. and now do you think I can find it? I have opened at least 15 other boxes... oh, the creative chaos.

Maybe pics next time, the ones I have been taking have been practice, many lovely gardens, too bad I couldn't capture the scents!
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