Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nothing New to Report on the Hot Chocolate.. But a New Race has Begun!

Good afternoon, nothing happening with the Hot Chocolate project since the last post. Well, nothing newsworthy anyway. The next step is to distinguish how I am going to use the stripes and the preprinted panels.

Determining if there is to be any fill in with blocks, strips and such. Then I will have a good idea of how much of the solids to purchase and start cutting.

This week has primarily consisted of re arranging my bedroom. Ever since move in from June, it has been a place to sleep. Sleep has been challenging, as the decor consisted of the unpacked boxes, and miscellaneous items that no longer have a home. Things I want to access and use, but there is just no where to put them.

Then, my sister approached me with the proposition of 'storing' her queen size head and footboard. It is a beautiful iron bed. One that I have always been partial to, it was the bed used for my first Home & Garden show room. They have just gotten a new king size bed, and I have been pining for a headboard, since I relinquished mine from the move last year. (Wow, that was only last year, it seems like it was 3 years ago…)

In the practice of Feng Shui, it is of utmost importance to have a headboard on one's bed. Without one, the experience of no support is rampant. I must say, it is true. Since not having one, it has been challenging to feel supported on so many levels in the past year. There is nothing to ground me in the new location.

My home base has not been established and I am finding it hard to really feel at home here. But now, moving my room around, making room for a headboard and a footboard, it is starting to feel good.

The highlight of the week, being introduced to , Danielle LaPorte on  Danielle has a new book,  the Desire Map…. definitely going to get a copy of that! Both sites are filled with great insights on life, relationships and expression of self, professionally and personally. I am so grateful to have these women show up in my inbox!

Danielle's site and take on goal setting, has breathed new life into my thoughts. This morning, I found myself experiencing


I have finally found my way back to the starting line of a whole new endeavor. I know my thing….. I am working on a way to share my 'thing' with the world. I have been doing 'my thing' for …. well…. almost my whole life…. yes, my first memory… I recall experiencing 'my thing'. Here is a hint… The first time I ever recognized being here… I opened my eyes, and saw the beautiful blue of the sky and the lush green leaves of the trees. I felt to myself, I made it, I am here, and went back to sleep. 

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