Friday, November 30, 2012

Studio Update

The studio has been hot today.. not temperature, it is still pretty cold downstairs. In spite of the lack of warmth, I made myself go down there today to work on the canopy for my mom and dad's swing. The sewing machine was humming, the iron sizzling and I admit, I did a little bit of swearing.

The top is made up of four sections. A front and back long triangular shape and two deeper triangles that go to the center for the ends. My plan was to sew a long triangle to a short triangle and then sew the two large pieces together. In theory this is a good idea and if one is paying attention and not getting confused, it would have worked like a dream. But I had sewn the small rectangle to the same side of the larger one, so I did NOT have mirror images to work with. I had to rip out one whole section and reattach it to the other side of the long triangle. In the process, managed to slice the fabric near the seam, so, I had to do some darning/zigzag action to secure the tear. Luckily it is on the floral, so the busy print will camouflage the incident. (this is where the swearing happened)
The darned tear

The plan is to have that sewing done before they leave for AZ. The valance is left to attach and then the cushion for the seat. That is still in my car. I may as well store it out there until I need to bring it in. Which, looks like it may be this evening. I would love to get this sewing done and get back to the painting project.

There are new creatures down there now too. No spiders, no 'house centipedes' (the ones with the long feathery legs) now there are a multitude of the round wormy looking centipedes. They navigate in big circles on the floor. They just seem to be traveling. They sometimes curl up into little spirals and,  sleep? I thought they were dead, however, after hours of 'playing dead' they just up and start cruising again. It is a bit disturbing, but, as long as they stay out of my way and my stuff, fine, we can share the space... for now.

Painting station
Over the weekend I created a painting station in the basement. It is near the laundry sink and the paint shelves. There is a table on wheels that is perfect for setting things on, and there is room under it for sliding WIP (work in progress).

The one in front is NOT MINE! I only have 32!
So, the space seems to working well today. There is still a great deal to do. I counted 32 totes of fabric the other day. So, I have some purging and some serious project planning to do. I am looking forward to it. I just need to take it one tote at a time.

Back on Monday with Sales, a definition.. as a follow up on wednesdays post. Still working on the website... photos.. it has been challenging getting great photos of rooms that are accessorized and photo ready... I wish I was better at photoshop! I would do renderings of the rooms before and then show progress shots... maybe... Accessories complete the room, they are like jewelry to the perfect outfit or the perfect pair of shoes... You need them to complete the look. Imagine a cake with NO FROSTING to make it look pretty.

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