Monday, November 26, 2012

A long weekend of house projects

Good Morning and happy Monday! We are just coming off of a long weekend or at least a short week last week with Thanksgiving in there.

My housemate was off from thursday-sunday, so we did a lot of house stuff. It has been hard for me to want to go downstairs and do anything, as it is so cold down there. So, on friday, HM cut openings in the vents downstairs for warm furnace air to circulate. He then put vent covers on them to clean it up. It is working, even upstairs is warmer. It still gets a bit cold down there, but it can be as much us 10 degrees warmer than it has been. We also put a new storm window on one of the basement windows. There was no outside window and the inside one barely closed. It was possible to see a light gap. So, weather stripping was put around ALL of the windows.

I also rearranged some things and now have a sewing area AND a painting area. So I can navigate between projects... like sew while paint is drying/curing.

Then, cleaning the grout in the tub/shower surround. There were areas where it was discolored a reddish brown color.. it looked ok with the tile, but I know it is NOT grout! The grout is a different color in areas that don't get much water on them. So, I scrubbed it, and realized the grout had NEVER BEEN SEALED! EEK!! So, sealing the grout is the next step. New sanded caulk is going to be put in as well. The person who did the tile work, didn't grout between the tub and the tile, it is a sanded calk. Clearly that doesn't hold up as well. But, to put new grout in, would mean the entire area needs to be re-grouted to match. There has been a great deal of work to do here. So, the next property is going to be MY asset! If I wouldn't live in it, I will not expect my residents to either.

I am looking forward to having the tub done. I couldn't relax soaking in a tub with pooh-brown yuck at the back of my head.. I so miss soaking in a tub...

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