Sunday, July 29, 2012

Planning for the new studio layout.....

Good evening, I know two in one day... I just checked the stats and the blog is 7 visits away from 500 in ONE month! That is sooo exciting... Of the six of you out there that I know who you are, which of you is visiting over and over and over and over and over to get me all excited! And if it isn't one of you, I would love to meet the rest of you...

This afternoon, I have been listing things for the move. Doing a mental scan of what is in storage and where in this little two bedroom house I am going to fit all of my things and my housemates. (I am moving in with a good friend of mine and we are going to share expenses while preparing for the next endeavor. Renovation of a property of our own.)

I have lists of furniture, artwork, lamps, shelving (lots and lots of shelving) seating and an abundance of little tables... they are great to practice faux finishes on and they fill in a corner nicely.. not too many empty corners in the next place I am afraid.

However, the basement is unfinished and open. There is a new washer and dryer downstairs (which we will not have to share, not that I minded with the last place, but my friend is looking forward to that... as he is coming from an apartment complex where there is shared laundry on each floor) This area will become my studio space... It won't be the orange room, but it WILL be three times as big! The walls will be painted Swiss White. It is a soft grey white, very lovely, not a stark white, so color matching will not be a problem.. The orange room, while it was beautiful.. DRASTICALLY changed the color of whatever I was working on....

And a garage... we will have a NICE two car garage, a bit oversized for CARS to live in and be happy during the snowy winter months... no more of this...
A place for the cars and tools to live.. I have been told I have good tools ... for a girl! 
Take a look at this when the temps hit those 90's this week!
I think I will get back to my space planning.. just sharing the excitement.. Thanks for reading!


  1. I no longer have a garage after having one for at least 20 years so i can understand your excitement. I am happy for you that things are coming together. It's so cool thinking about you back in middle school and high school and your love for sewing, decorating etc.. and that you have turned that into a career!

  2. It is very exciting and I am getting ready to embrace a whole new phase of it... hey, are you the one visiting 400 times this month? hehehe,, thanks if you are... delusions.. I still can get hooked into those too.. if you recall..


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