Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Brief Overview of the Journey to NOW!

Here is a little about who I am, what I have already done and how I would like to expand my personal creative journey with others to benefit from my experience and expertise.  My name is Shelly.  I am a passionate creative with a focus on color and repeating patterns.  I especially love textiles.  Currently, I am a part time associate at Glad Creations Quilt Block.

As a practicing Interior Designer for the past 20 years, I have also had the privilege to work in some of the most Premier Trade only drapery workrooms in my local community. It has been great fun and a most rewarding experience.  Working with some of the Top Interior Designers in Minneapolis/St Paul,  I have learned so much in the areas of design, drafting and most importantly professional communication from many of these individuals; together we have successfully designed and dressed window treatments  and bedding for some of the most challenging and beautiful homes in the area.

I have a formal degree in Applied Design and Visual Communication from the University of Minnesota, which has allowed me to expand on a lifelong passion of color and fabric applications. I love expanding and exploring the relationships of colors both three-dimensionally and two-dimensionally. 
I have been sewing for over 30 years and have been fortunate enough to have worked in textiles since my first job in high school. Design and construction have always been fascinating to me.  I now realize that for me, an understanding of the elements and principles of design are my magic formula to create a life that I love!!

My areas of expertise are color and Home Furnishing Design and specification. I have been teaching classes on window treatment construction for the past 20 years for local retailers, community education, as well as done color seminar for the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show and written an article on color that was published in a local magazine.

In addition to Interior Design and Glad Creations, I am currently working on designing a suite of Home Furnishing Design Patterns, using construction methods suitable for using quilting weight cotton and achieving professional results. There will be posts on this further into the life of this blog… (oh, this will be soooo fun!)  I also teach private sewing lessons for individuals, designing, specifying and constructing home furnishings that are an expression of who they are and suitable for the windows and structures in their personal spaces. I will be sharing some of the design process and before/afters pics with some of these projects.

Well, enough about me, you will pick up more about my experiences and who I am, as I share myself through this blogging process. For me, this is a new presence in the world. My approach to designing for clients is to acknowledge where they have been, assess where they are and assist them in discovering and creating where they are going. This blog is my access to do for myself-give to myself- what I inherently provide for others.  Until next time….

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